Now serving Hong Kong, Gather n Graze can cater to everything from large-scale corporate events, social gatherings, weddings & intimate celebrations.


A grazing table is a self-service station that offers a light, elegant alternative to a standard buffet. Each of our tables are laden with an abundant selection of:

  • Charcuterie meats and pâté
  • Artisan cheeses
  • Olives & pickles
  • Marinated vegetables
  • Fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Chocolates, sweets & snacks
  • Handcrafted dips
  • Locally baked breads 
  • Baked goods
  • Dried fruit & nuts
  • Gather n Graze’s Superseed Crisps

It’s warm, it’s inviting, it’s a moment of sheer indulgence that brings people together in a very naturally sociable way.” ~Festival Brides


Our beautiful displays are certainly conversation pieces; the concept of shared grazing encourages guests to come together and celebrate special occasions through a unique and playful take on dining.

At Gather n Graze, we work with luxury and decadence, but are driven by our vision to build visceral experience. From intimate social gatherings to large-scale corporate events, our bespoke grazing tables set the mood. We curate from the best private chefs, floral designers, and boutique suppliers to create the most decadent and scintilating spreads for your very important guests.

 Interested in working with us? Check out our offerings below:

  • Serves up to 25 people
  • The graze is directly designed on 1 meter specialty paper and there is no need for us to come back at the end of your event
  • Includes an 8″ spinach and feta filo pastry coil (savoury)
  • Includes a 6″ Persian love cake (sweet)
  • Serves up to 40 people
  • The graze is directly designed on 1.5 meter specialty paper and there is no need for us to come back at the end of your event
  • Includes an 10″ spinach and feta filo pastry coil (savoury)
  • Mini quiches (savoury)
  • Includes a  8″ Persian love cake (sweet)
  • Madeleines or macaroons (sweet)
  • Serves up to 25 people
  • This option is perfect for intimate occasions where light nibbles are expected
  • This is ideal for an apartment gathering
  • Includes disposable bamboo or palm leaf bowls and napkins, rental of props and florals
  • Serves up to 50 people
  • This option will be on the lighter side for a larger group, or a substantial graze for smaller (and hungrier!) groups
  • This is ideal for baby showers, corporate meetings and social get-togethers
  • Includes disposable bamboo or palm leaf bowls and napkins, rental of props and florals
  • Serves up to 80 people
  • This is our pride and glory, The Indulgent Feast
  • This option is ideal for weddings, large corporate events, major milestones, etc.
  • Includes disposable bamboo or palm leaf bowls and napkins, rental of props and florals

We’re happy to personalize your spread (holiday or special occasion setups) and provide custom add-ons. Feel free to contact us for more info.

  • Being in the restaurant industry I'm always looking for new inspiration for my businesses. Two things stood out to me after attending three of your grazing table parties. First, the unique and attractive cascading presentation of your food sets you apart from the usual buffet/canape set up. Second, the food, especially your crackers and dips, are absolutely delicious. The crackers tasted, how shall I put it, ‘guilt free,’ healthy, moorish, hard to put down! So much I now rather selfishly order my own supply!

    Nick Bryan
    Staunton' Group
  • Even after having been to many corporate events in Hong Kong I remain blown away by the breathtaking masterpieces that Marilyn and Jen create. These beautiful and talented women can tailor their edible centrepieces to suit all your needs and really produce a stunning table of decadence for all involved. Their creations are dynamic and unique. I have used them twice now for personal events and was blown away by the attention to detail, beautiful food and impressive colour schemes. Special people and fabulous service. 

    Anna Mowbray
  • The first thing I noticed, the first thing anyone could notice, was the tablescape —a stunning, eye-popping, literally jaw-dropping cornucopia of the most amazing looking delicacies spread out before us. Initially all we could do was wonder how this magical creation came together. Then we started to dig in, and the grazing table became the gathering point, the main focus of the afternoon’s festivities. For the next two hours, we all stood around making new friends, sampling the delectable delights. Their spreads are not only delicious and a beauty to behold, but they will become the centrepiece of any party gathering, in the home or the office!  Really a beauty to behold — and more importantly, to eat!

    Professor Keith B. Richburg
    Director of the JMSC
    Hong Kong University
  • 每年十一月,公司都會邀請客人去遊船河。但係,老闆對往年嘅食物頗有微言,話一式一樣,新意欠奉。於是,經朋友推薦,我向Marilyn訂做咗兩份platters。Gather n Graze職員細心又專業,好留意我哋嘅需求,仲一早到場準備,上船之後,立即好似製作藝術品咁去準備個platter。完成之後,大家都好驚喜:賣相吸引之餘,創新嘅食材配搭都非常成功,獲得老闆同一眾VIP讚賞。下次閣下搞活動嘅時候,無論規模大細,我誠意推介 Gather n Graze

    Doris Chan
    HR Manager
    Norebo Limited


Please be sure to inform us of any dietary requirements including major allergens. We also recommend placing your platters and tables indoors, in an air-conditioned room, to accommodate preferred serving temperatures. Prices for tables include setup, cleanup and all props, but exclude delivery. Please allow 1-3 hours for setup.